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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

John Dalli EU Commissioner - A Hypocritical and Pathetic Outburst

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On the 11th October 2008 John Dalli EU Commissioner had the audacity to appear on Super 1 TV (a Malta Labour Party TV station) programme “Issues” whinging, whining and expressing his anger, bitterness and suffering that he and his family endured when he was allegedly falsely accused of corruption.  

He stated, “those who suffered like me must be compensated “. He also stated “delays in investigations are unjust and inhumane”. John Dalli cannot be blamed for not forgiving the persons involved in the “plot” against him; character assassination is not a very nice thing to happen to anyone. We must not forget the deplorable character assassination technique continuously used by his party (Nationalist Party) against Dr. Alfred Sant (Malta Labour Party leader at the time) and other members of the Malta Labour Party, some of which were orchestrated by Dalli himself. However, hypocrisy has been the order of the day in all the years that the Nationalist Party have been in government (22 years 1987 – 1996 and 1998 – 2010). This politician’s arrogance, deceit and audacity have no limits.

His brother Fr. George Dalli, a catholic priest, also gave an interview to the newspaper Malta Today  In it he whinges and whines about the suffering that his brother John and all their family suffered when John was accused of political corruption in the Mater Dei Hospital project  medical equipment tender valued around €70 million (More details on Mater Dei Hospital Scandals).

Both John Dalli and his brother Fr. George have a very short memory or they suffer with amnesia. John Dalli seems to have forgotten the 20,000 anonymous letters that he falsely and maliciously accused Joseph Ellul-Grech and the Malta Labour Party with. A parliamentary and police investigation absolved the Labour Party of any involvement and the law courts acquitted Ellul-Grech of Dalli’s false and malicious accusations. John Dalli knew from the outset that neither Ellul-Grech nor the Malta Labour Party had anything to do with such a pathetic, time consuming and expensive act.

Early in their investigations the police traced the stationery used to parliament. Ellul-Grech did not have the opportunity or access to order large volumes of stationery without the authorisation of the speaker of the house. Neither did he have any connection whatsoever to parliament. However, the names and addresses on the envelopes were written by a number of different people. Despite this Ellul-Grech was the only person that was charged.

John Dalli had the motive, opportunity and resources to instigate this. The reason for being a major suspect is because Ellul-Grech had reported to the police and the Prime Minister of the time John Dalli’s involvement in what had become to be known as “The Daewoo Scandal” (no connection to Daewoo in Korea).

When John Dalli was falsely accused he did not have his house searched as Ellul-Grech did for over four hours by six police officers. Terrorising and embarrassing his wife and daughter when the police went through their personal belongings without having a female police officer present.

I am sure that John Dalli did not have his wife questioned by the police nor did his wife become ill because of vindictiveness that went on for many years.

I am sure that John Dalli did not spend 48 hours arrested at the police headquarters being continuously interrogated by at least four police officers at any one time, despite being ill with kidney stones and having to be taken to hospital for medical treatment during the night while under arrest.

I am sure John Dalli and his wife were not followed by C.I.D and secret police for a number of weeks.

I am sure that John Dalli did not have his computer hardware confiscated by the police and kept in their possession for months with the excuse of forensic examination, making sure to reduce any chances of him earning a living.

I am sure that John Dalli kept receiving his MP's salary and the generous benefits attached to it.
I am sure that John Dalli did not have to sign at a police station twice a week at an inconvenient time making life purposely difficult for him.

I am sure that John Dalli did not have an impediment on his departure or have his passport withdrawn by the police.

I am sure that John Dalli did not have the police knocking on his door periodically summoning him to appear in court when he knew that he was innocent of any crime.

I am sure that John Dalli did not lose his employment because of false and malicious accusations against him.

I am sure that despite false and malicious accusations, John Dalli was still able to get employment. In fact he set up a successful consultancy business (John Dalli & Associates based at Tumas Tower) as stated on Wikipedia.

I am sure that John Dalli did not have to spend time going to the ETC to sign on weekly for employment.

I am sure that John Dalli did not lose his home. On the contrary he now lives in a larger house than he did four years ago.

I am sure of many things that John Dalli did not have to do. However, he had to falsely and maliciously accused Ellul-Grech to cover up his involvement in the Daewoo scandal.

John Dalli did not have to leave Malta because false and malicious accusations affected his family’s health and well being and the prospect of earning a living.

John Dalli did not have his civil and human rights breached by the authorities like Ellul-Grech did.

It took Ellul-Grech three years eleven months fifteen days to prove his innocence. After being acquitted Ellul-Grech and his family had to leave Malta because John Dalli’s false and malicious accusations had destroyed their life in Malta and made it impossible for Ellul-Grech to find employment. Yes, Ellul-Grech’s family agree with most of John Dalli’s statements. However, he should nudge his memory and remember all the false and malicious accusations he orchestrated in the past against many Malta Labour Party M.P.’s and officials and other individuals. His periodical theatrical writing and appearances in the media is an insult to all those people who found themselves in the same situation by his character assassinations.

John Dalli must be reminded that when he falsely and maliciously accused Ellul-Grech he stated “I will make sure that the persons involved in sending these anonymous letters will be caught no matter what the costs”. To date he has failed to do so for reasons he knows very well. Like John Dalli, Ellul-Grech expects justice, real justice that does not insult his intelligence. Ellul- Grech’s family were put through a nightmare that is impossible to forget and will haunt them the rest of their lives.

Most of the press and media in Malta are not impartial. Especially printed newspapers and those published on the web like the Malta Independent, Malta Business Weekly, Malta Today, The Times and others. They seem to publish whatever suits them as long as they look good with the current administration. They neglect to remind people like John Dalli of their chequered and hypocritical past.